About Pithoragarh

At 1514 meter above sea level, Pithoragarh is a well-kept secret of the majestic Himalayas. It is one of the most promising hill station with great potential in Uttarakhand. The town lies in the center of a valley known as ‘Soar’ . A prepossessing location with one of the most serene and picturesque views, Pithoragarh is clustered in an arena that is surrounded by four hills- Chandak, Dhwaj, Kumdar and Thal-kedar. Below the exquisiteness of the mighty OM parvat, Pithoragarh offers its visitors an absolutely breath-taking sight of slanting hills covered with wide variety of flora and fauna. Traditionally being held to be the adobe of god’s and deities, Pithoragarh has a rich history and culture that makes it one of the best hill stations to visit.

Pithoragarh is the easternmost district of Uttarakhand, neighbouring Tibet in the north and Nepal in the east. A place of exquisite natural beauty and serenity, Pithoragarh is popularly known as the ‘Little Kashmir’. This captivating town with fascinating forests aroundIt was a major center of power during the regime of the Chand Kings in Kumaon.

From here, pilgrims take their journey to the holy shrines, Kailash and Mansarovar.This valley also nestles the snow-crested peaks Nanda Devi East (7,434 m) and West (7,817 m). Below these mighty peaks lie the alpine valleys and glaciers like Milam, Ralam, Namik and Sundardunga.

Best Season / Best Time to Visit Pithoragarh

Pithorgarh has a cool but pleasant climate in summers and chilly climate in winters.