Tourism will create many jobs for our youths and will boost Pithoragarh’s economy

  • Written By - Published On Feb 20, 2019

With the promotion of tourism activities in Pithoragarh district, it has been suggested that in order to bring them to the tourist map of the world, the work done in this area and the proper development of the district by identifying more and more tourist places, the District Magistrate, Dr Vijay Kumar Jogandande held meetings with the persons related to tourism business in the district and the people in this area. In addition to discussions, their suggestions were made. In the meeting, the tourism of the district should be prepared for the annual calender, to work on a tourism theme of the district, to preserve the folk culture, historical heritage, to identify new tourist destinations. Apart from promoting adventure games in the district, many suggestions have been received. In the meeting, in order to increase tourism activities in the district, various suggestions were taken while extensively discussing the possible tasks along with its prospects. In the meeting, the District Magistrate informed that in order to increase tourism activities in the state by the state government, that area is being developed as a tourist by selecting one site in each district under 13 district 13 destination. In pithoragarh district the Chandak Mastamano area is being developed in the form of eco-tourism. The work for which has been started.

He said that we have to work collectively in order to make Pithoragarh district a special identity in the field of tourism. He said that there are possibilities of working in every area of ​​tourism in Pithoragarh district. We strengthen the economy here by tourism. Apart from doing so, they can provide jobs to more people. Various schemes are being run by the government in this area. In the meeting, Chief Development Officer, Ms. Vandana, informed in detail about the various government schemes run in the field of tourism in the district and the development works being undertaken under them, that under the Home Stay Scheme in the district today, betterment of women and the work is being earned. It is being increased more in the district. In the meeting, Divisional Forest Officer, Dr. Vinay Kumar Bhargava, gave information about the work being done to promote forest area tourism. He said that Tehsil Munasari area was a world class area for bird watching and it was speaking about the huge publicity of this area. Also, DFO has information about the elite parks being built for tourists in the Thalathode of Munasariya He apprised that he was working on developing the Nature Trail and Eco Park from Mostman to Chandika Mandir, with the development of Tovilia Garden in 10 hectares of land between Chandika temple and AsurChulha temple.